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English Is Everywhere, Let’s be Mindful

Memorizing tons of vocabulary and grammar rules is really tough sometimes. Especially, when we are busy with our daily activities and find it difficult to spare time to learn English. There’s one secret that you probably know but neglect after all this time; English is everywhere, ET Mates!

It may sound trivial, everyone knows it’s everywhere. However, are you mindful when you see a sign with English words? Are you curious about what they mean? Curiosity and mindfulness are the success factors of language learning. You have to be curious about what is being written and what is being said. Because English learning doesn’t stop when you finish a class. 

Why do we have to be mindful? Mindfulness shapes nature. Research proved that something that you do every day will become your nature. Even though you don’t even live in an English-speaking environment. It is very possible to mingle with people who speak the local language and nurturing English-speaking habits. 

So, how do we do that? We do it by making a mind-palace inside your head. Imagine your brain is a computer that doesn’t have the English language in the setting. What we need to do is input the language. Unfortunately, we don’t have the software that we can plugin and directly install. We wish! The only way of gaining English nature fast is changing your habit a little bit, starting from:


The songs you listen to 

For some people, listening to English songs can be frustrating. We understand the music, but we don’t understand the lyrics. However, English songs make you comprehend English better. In English songs, you can find a bunch of vocabulary, idioms, figurative languages, and difficult words in a very short time. 

They’re also the perfect example of English implication. If the song is sad, you’ll know sad expressions. If the song is poetic, you’ll know fascinating English expressions. Now, what English song comes to your mind? Let’s listen again, but this time, mindfully.


The movies you watch

If listening to a song is about understanding English better, watching movies can help you understand actions and situations better. All we need to do is pay close attention to the dialogue, facial expressions, and reactions. Here, at the right time, you can imply the expressions you’ve learned in the movie in real life.


The articles and books you read

Apart from language learning, by reading, you can activate lots of talent, such  as linguistic tools and empathy. So, one stone kills two birds.Not only benefits your language learning, but it also benefits your communication skills. 

Try to read more English books and articles, ET Mates. If you recognize vocabularies you haven’t learned, in the middle you cannot comprehend what you read, you can always open a dictionary or look up the internet and learn something new. 


The social media you consume

Social media is now a part of everyone’s life. Although not all of them are active on Instagram or Twitter, they have WhatsApp or an email  at least. It is essential to follow or consume relevant accounts to foster your English skills. You may want to follow educational platforms that will give you new insights, or an international influencer. On social media, you’ll get to recognize English in real life. 

Social media is like a double-edged sword; it can have both favorable and unfavorable consequences. We suggest you stop using social media to consume toxic trends. Instead, you can make a new online community to hone your English skills and enlarge your networking. Again, one stone kills two birds, ET Mates. 

Learning English doesn’t stop even when your class does. Instead of studying more, try to nurture more. Make a whole new habit and create your nature and gain excellent English skills effortlessly.


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English Today Online

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