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Learning English can be frustrating, don’t let a lack of English stand in your way. English Today is here to reduce your frustrations and to give you the support you need. Get better results in less time and enjoy the journey.
kursus bahasa inggris online untuk karyawan
kursus bahasa inggris online untuk karyawan
kursus bahasa inggris online untuk karyawan
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Private Online English Lessons

kursus bahasa inggris online untuk karyawan
We have three options: Lessons with a 100% local teachers, lessons with a combination of 50% local and 50% foreign teachers and lessons with 100% foreign teachers.

Each program is 30 sessions at one hour per session and the fee ranges from IDR 5,250,000 to IDR 10,500,000. You can also invite your friends to join your class and you can share the costs.
English Today’s Reverse 80/20 teaching method promotes 80% speaking time in each and every class. You learn from doing and this method has been proven to build your confidence and help you speak English fluently in less time.

You can choose an online private lesson and invite your friends to share the costs or join a small group online class. Contact via WA now!

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English Today was founded in Jakarta in 2010 as Jakarta’s first and only native English teacher agency and has since grown to be located in 7 different cities including Surabaya, Bandung, Denpasar, Makassar , Balikpapan and Medan. At English Today we have an extensive network of professional English trainers that extends throughout Jakarta and Indonesia, allowing us to offer greater flexibility in scheduling, and to offer our customers a wider choice of experienced and qualified Professional English Trainers. 

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