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Feel the comfort of learning English with English Today,
Wherever and whenever, without space and time restrictions.

Feel the comfort of learning English
with English Today,
Wherever and whenever,
without space and time restrictions.

Native Teacher Jakarta

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The most effective way to be fluent in English is to have real conversations in English. Do you still remember learning English at school? You can learn all the grammar rules in the world, you can memorize millions of words, but if you don’t practice speaking English, you won’t be able to speak English fluently.

Learning to speak English is like improving your fitness, you can not go into a fitness center once a month or even once a week and expect to improve, you must make English speaking a part of your daily routine. YOU can make amazing progress by speaking English everyday for only 1 hour per day!

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Total Flexibility

Our lessons allow maximum flexibility and convenience while maintaining our very high standards. This means studying English at the pace and time that suit you. You decide when and where your lesson takes place, allowing flexibility, freedom and control.

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We give topics that interest you and align with your needs; It has been proven that when you speak about topics you are familiar with and have an interest in, your English speaking ability grows significantly.

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Our affordable packages offer efficient and effective programs. ET Online is perfect for anyone who needs to improve their English rapidly, but might not have the time to take regular lessons in a class room.

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What it is

The perfect course for elementary to advanced learners (TOEIC®* 225-990) who want to improve their overall English language skills in the most efficient and effective way, and thereby get better scores in any of the international proficiency tests.

What it provides

A clear and objective improvement in a learner’s English level and a significant improvement in international test scores for learners who are willing to study the course for 2-3 hours a week over 4-6 months.



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