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IELTS Listening & Reading

IELTS Listening & Reading A2 – B2 are self-study courses which are designed for learners who need to improve their test scores on the Listening and Reading sections of the Academic IELTS exam.

 Our IELTS courses help students develop test-taking strategies, increase their vocabulary, and improve listening and reading skills with realistic IELTS test material. Each course can be used across a range of devices, allowing for seamless mobile study

Level: CEFR A2 – B2 | IELTS 3 – 6

Number of Lessons: 30 at each level (Digital)

Lesson Duration: 45 mins

Key Content:
IELTS Skill Areas: Working with tables and flow charts; Scanning and Skimming; Identifying main ideas; Understanding opinion; Interpreting numbers and data; Following an argument; Prediction; Identifying feelings and attitudes

About Our IELTS Courses

IELTS Listening & Reading A2 – B2 can be used flexibly as self-study courses, or as a homework supplement for face-to-face IELTS training.


Those who are willing to study 2-3 hours a week over several months will see a significant improvement in their level and in their test score.


Each of our IELTS courses allow for both language study and practice, and a focus on specific exam skills.

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Skills Development

In all of our IELTS courses, lessons are broken down into short sections that will help develop listening and reading skills, test taking strategies and vocabulary.


At A2 level, the lesson modules are simpler, and there is a greater emphasis on language development to help students broaden their vocabulary before moving on to exam skills.

At B1 and B2 level, lessons focus on specific skills and feature texts that are designed to effectively practice these skills. Language work is provided through the vocabulary sections, which, inspired by the texts, will extend the student’s range of language.


All lessons include explanations and tips on how best to tackle specific task types, followed by practice activities. An end-off lesson test checks students’ understanding of new language, and their ability to deal with specific tasks effectively.

IELTS Courses

Practical English 7 offers:

Lesson Flow

Lessons follow a systematic cycle and are broken down into short modules. Students can begin a lesson, take a break and simply pick up where they left off. An end-of-lesson test helps consolidate the language learned and provides an immediate benchmark of progress made. Lesson Flow example from IELTS Listening & Reading B1:
IELTS Listening & Reading Phone 1
Introductory sections set the topic and skill focus for each lesson and help students orientate themselves.
IELTS Listening & Reading Phone 2
Short animations or summary sections teach students the key IELTS skills they will need in the exam.
IELTS Listening & Reading Phone 3 copy
Students practice the IELTS skill in context with exposure to different task-types.
IELTS Listening & Reading Phone 3
An end-of-lesson test checks students’ understanding and ability to deal with specific tasks effectively