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Practical English 7

Practical English 7 is a general English course for elementary to advanced level learners that helps students improve their core English skills in the most efficient way possible. It guides users through an adaptive learning path and improves their overall English ability with a specific focus on grammar, listening and reading. Practical English 7 can be used across a range of devices, allowing for seamless mobile study. Students yet to attain an A2 level of English should begin with Practical English Starter.

Level:CEFR A2 – C1
Number of Lessons: 350 (Digital); 192 (Blended)
Lesson Duration: Approx. 30 mins (Digital); 60 mins (Blended)

Key Content:

Business; Everyday life; Leisure and entertainment; People and relationships; Nature and the environment; Society; Travel and transportation

About Practical English 7

Practical English 7 offers a highly personalized learning formula to identify weak areas, and to continually provide study material that addresses individual needs as learners work through the course.


At the start of the course, students will complete a diagnostic test to assess their abilities in listening, reading and grammar. The results are then used to suggest the most suitable lessons to study to maximize their learning. Those who are willing to study 2-3 hours a week over several months will see a significant improvement in their level and in international exam test scores.

About Practical English 7

Building Confidence

Practical English 7 uses an adaptive algorithm that automatically chooses suitable lessons based on a learner’s progress. In targeting weak areas, Practical English 7 helps students master core English skills in the most efficient way possible.

Test results and study history are continuously analyzed by the system to monitor the learner’s level and ability, and to recommend appropriate next lessons. Each lesson offers varied content and task types and follows a clear and proven learning cycle to build skills systematically. 

Practical English 7 Laptop

Practical English 7 offers:

Lesson Flow

Lessons follow a systematic Study, Practice and Test cycle, and are broken down into short modules. Students can begin a lesson, take a break and simply pick up where they left off. An end-of-lesson test helps consolidate the language learned and provides an immediate benchmark of progress made.
Practical English 7 Phone 1

Vocabulary is contextualized in short, memorable animations or dialogs with matching activities. 

Practical English 7 Phone 2

Students are given clear feedback on why a particular answer was right or wrong so they can monitor their own learning.

Practical English 7 Phone 3

Skills practice involves a range of task types from reading for gist or main idea, to micro-reading for specific information

Practical English 7 Phone 4

A short test consolidates the material learned in the lesson and is used as benchmark for further learning.