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5 Pandemic Vocabularies You Need To Know

During the pandemic, schools and other public places are closed. Human activities are very limited because everything needs to be done through screens. Living through screens is not everyone’s favorite and it could kill our creativity too. 


Writing down notes and journaling can be very helpful and valuable to slaughter our boredom. Writing helps us to toss out our uneasiness and revolting sentiments. Moreover, it could upgrade our creativity too.  Sometimes, the most noteworthy thoughts are born within the middle of a crisis. Let’s utilize this time to brainstorm a few thoughts of what you’ll be able to do next for your life and express your creativity, ET Mates!


We need a break to free our head from our gadgets. But before we move away from our gadgets and start writing,  take a look at these vocabularies that are utilized more regularly during pandemics.


Remote (adjective)

We can find the word remote in job vacancies. It is written “remote jobs” or “full-time remote”. What does the word “remote” mean? The word “remote” means a place that is located far away or in a non-specific location. Therefore, remote jobs means workers can do their jobs without coming to the office physically. 


“Freelancers usually work remotely.”


Fortnite (noun)

An object such as cutlery, dish, doorknob, and other open instruments that may be contaminated with infectious organisms and serve in their transmissions are called fortnite. If we look at the etymology, the word fortnite (or fortnight) means fourteen days. From this, we can conclude that the viruses on fortnite goods  last for fourteen days.


“Use a pair of gloves to open the doorknob, it’s a fortnite.”


Contagious (adjective)

When a disease is transmissible by direct or indirect contact with an infected person, it’s called contagious. Keep in mind that the word contagious is a very strong word. In all means, a contagious disease is quickly transmissible and could be serious at the same time.


“A covid carrier should self-isolate for fourteen days because they are highly contagious.”

Contact Tracing (noun)

Contact tracing is an activity of analyzing all people that a COVID-19 carrier has come in contact with in the last two weeks.Contact tracing is the key to slowing down the spread of COVID-19 and keeping you, your family, and your community safe.


“The COVID-19 task force is in contact tracing the people who’s in touch directly with the carrier.”


Herd Immunity (noun)

Herd immunity happens when the contamination or illness lessen within the unimmunized portion as a result of immunizing an extent of the populace. In another way, it’s a population that has a great immunity so that the disease is less contagious. 


“Our society will earn herd immunity if 70% of them get vaccinated.”


Now that you’ve learned some of the words that are frequently used during pandemics, you can use them for writing, journaling, or even blogging! Try writing in English, ET Mates! Because writing in English helps you think in English and stop the translation habits. 


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