Online English Conversation Course

Are you impressed when you see other people who speak English fluently? Do you also want to be able to speak English as smooth as they? An online English conversation course can help you achieve your English learning goals.


English Today Online was created to help you realize your true potentials. We will help you get better in English with less time and maximum result compared to other English language courses and we will also ensure that you enjoy your English learning process with English Today Online.


We fully understand the frustration caused by your lack of confidence or knowledge to speak English fluently, and we fully understand the difficulty of finding a course time that suits your busy life and the amount of course fees that you need to invest to improve your English skills.


These factors motivate us to create English Today Online, an online English language course with world-class learning material, internationally qualified instructors and affordable course fees.


Our online English Conversation Course has proven to be more affordable and more time-saving compared to face to face English training and with the 80/20 reverse teaching method at English Today Online, we can provide learning outcomes that match and even exceed your expectations in time shorter.

What is the Reverse 80/20 teaching method?

In each learning session with English Today Online, you get a portion of speaking English as much as 80% of the total duration of study.

Imagine, isn’t getting the time and opportunity to speak English what you should get in an English course?

But in other places of learning English, you have to sit and only listen to the explanation from the instructor with a small portion of speaking practice. You won’t find this on English Today Online because we understand the importance of practice to improve your English language skills.


Since the covid19 pandemic many English students have preferred online classes to come to their local course.

At English Today Online, we have witnessed many success stories from our students in learning English thanks to the application of our revolutionary teaching methods and the two testimonial videos below are only a small part of the thousands of success stories of participants in English Today Online courses.

At English Today Online, we provide 3 choices for learning English online:

  • Private Online Class
  • Online Classes for Small Groups
  • Self Learning Online Platform

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So what more are you waiting for? Take an Online English Conversation Course with English Today Online!

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Private English Lesson Price

Online Private Class


  • IDR 5,250,000,-

  • 1 Level (30 Sessions)


  • IDR 7,900,000,-

  • 1 Level (30 Sessions)


  • IDR 10,500,000,-

  • 1 Level (30 Sessions)

Online Small Group Class


  • IDR 1,800,000,-

  • 1 Level (30 Sessions)


  • IDR 2,500,000,-

  • 1 Level (30 Sessions)


  • IDR 3,000,000,-

  • 1 Level (30 Sessions)

Online Learning Platform


  • IDR 1,200,000,-

  • 4 Months


  • IDR 1,500,000,-

  • 6 Months


  • IDR 2,000,000,-

  • 12 Months

So what more are you waiting for?

Study English Online and join English Today! Contact us (021) 745 6296 / (021) 748 60977 / +62818 888 887