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We understand that learning English, especially online, can be daunting. That’s why English Today provide small group English classes via Zoom. English Training to help you become your best. Get Better Results in Less Time Enjoy the Journey. We are here to guide you to success!
kursus bahasa inggris online untuk karyawan
Conversation Practice!
There is nothing more effective than conversing with a qualified trainer. English is a procedural skill that requires practice, practice and more practice!
kursus bahasa inggris online untuk karyawan
Business Speaking
Business Speaking is the perfect course for anyone wanting to quickly improve their English speaking and listening skills. Lessons prepare learners for common business situations, from meetings to presentations.
kursus bahasa inggris online untuk karyawan
You were Born for a Reason!

Don’t let a lack of English stand in your way! Get better results in less time and enjoy the process!

English Today OnlineTestimonial - Direktorat Jenderal Bea dan Cukai
English Today Online Testimonial-PT Bukalapak
kursus bahasa inggris online untuk karyawan
Like the private online English lesson options we also have three options: Lessons with a 100% local teachers, lessons with a combination of 50% local and 50% foreign teachers and lessons with 100% foreign teachers. 

Each program is 30 sessions at one hour per session and the fee ranges from IDR 1,800,000 to IDR 3,000,000. Each class has a maximum of 5 people and the classes focus on developing your speaking confidence.

English Today’s Reverse 80/20 teaching method promotes 80% speaking time in each and every class.
You learn from doing and this method has been proven to build your confidence and help you speak English fluently in less time.

You can choose an online private lesson and invite your friends to share the costs or join a small group online class. Contact via WA now!